Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Kevin Smith Q&A sessions

I happened on an article in Empire Online about Kevin "Silent Bob" Smith's two four-hour Q&A sessions last week at the Prince Charles Cinema in London. Kevin Smith always has lots to say that's very interesting (get hold of the DVDs of his previous Q&A sessions if you don't believe me), and Empire Online had the following quote:
"Last time I was here I got an award at the Empire Awards. In my speech I hit back at a 3AM Girls column that described me as a fat, bearded, hobbit-like director. So I figured, she called me a hobbit; I'll call her an orc. Come to find out she's in the room. She comes up to me later and says, 'You know, some people could find that comment offensive.'
"Apparently it's OK to call someone a hobbit but not an orc. Boy, was my wrist slapped..."


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