Monday, February 26, 2007

The Omega Code drinking game

I caught up with my old friend Delta's blog today for the first time in weeks. She posted a drinking game for the movie, The Omega Code, which she was somehow talked into seeing again (Again? Delta, sweetie, I knew it was shit as soon as I heard about it... but you must like experiencing truly awful movies just for the value of wallowing in the horror of them.)

For those of you who have forgotten or who have successfully suppressed the memory, this movie from 1999 is one of the worst made in a decade, rivalling Battlefield Earth for sheer suckiness. It's the first movie made from Tim LaHaye's Left Behind series of novels written for the hard-of-thinking and terminally gullible, so it's an excellent model of "garbage in, garbage out."

Anyway, here's the Omega Code Drinking Game:
1) Drink until the movie is good.

2) Go to a hospital, because you're about to die of alcohol poisoning.

BTW, when I was getting the link for the movie from IMDB, I wanted to pass on the following great comment from one of the many people who spent a few moments to describe how awful the movie was:
Do not see this movie. If you are ever forced to at gunpoint, take your chances, if you live the bullet, will be far less painful than watching this piece of garbage. If you die, you can die never having seen the Omega Code, a feat I only wish I will be able to claim on my death bed.


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