Sunday, February 25, 2007

Disgusted with Norton Utilities & Symantec

I've spent the last hour and a half trying to solve a problem with Norton Utilities, where the Norton Recycle Bin stopped working on drives other than my C: drive for no apparent reason. Their projected solution (which was not easy to find on their website, I'll tell you!) had me reboot my computer three different times. No, that didn't work.

Now I'm going to have put up with their support center in India to find out exactly what to do. That'll be another hour of my life I'll never get back. Anyone know how I can replace Norton and never have to use this stuff again? McAfee and F-Prot both make decent antivirus software, I use a good software/hardware solution (that I'm not going to talk about here) for firewalling, now I just need replacements for the disk utilities and I'm home free!

P.S. It's some hours later and I decided I'd write them from their website interface and get a reply by email. They post the current wait time for their phone support on the website and it was 15 minutes just on hold. Screw that. On their web-based email form, I put in all my name, address, numbers, email addy, product ID, and other things, then wrote up a description of the problem I was having. I hit send and POOF! Symantec's website gave me a cryptic error, something about not being able to file it in RightNow (I have no idea what RightNow is), and that was that. Well, I have to applaud their consistency: the program gives shitty, cryptic error messages, so why shouldn't the website? Fortunately, I saved the text of my question in a text file and I can try again tomorrow if I feel like it. The text file name, btw, is NortonSUCKS!.txt. The filename was chosen purely at random, so it's really fortunate that it came out so, uh, relevant.

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