Monday, July 04, 2005

My 103rd entry!

Well, I'd planned on marking my centenary entry to this blog. I counted the blog entries a couple weeks ago and saw that I was getting close so I made a mental note to do something about it. Unfortunately, my 100th entry was three entries ago. ~sigh~ Okay, so this is my 103rd entry. That's a prime number (there's a smidgen of coolness) and it's the 4th of July (there's a bit more). I'm searching for other things that are cool and/or significant about this particular entry and I can't think of any.

I'm really having a nice day, even though nothing much is happening: the writing's going better and I'm getting a grip on a project that's been pesty. Susan is off at a barbecue and then probably going off to see fireworks with a bunch of friends, so it's just me and the cats and drinking pots of tea and listening in the background to the Science Fiction channel's weekend-long "Twilight Zone" marathon, which counts as Really Good TV in my book.

It all could be an awful lot worse, for which many thanks.


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Anonymous said...

Numerically 103 = 4 (for July 4)