Saturday, July 02, 2005

It's quiet so I can work

Let's see: everyone else in the house is gone for the day or the weekend. The cats are all fed and are either outside in the sun or flopped around on beds in the house, asleep and storing up evil. The new computer is purring happily to itself with its incredibly quiet little fans that I paid extra for and I have all the files slurped up from the other computers so I can actually turn them off, making it even quieter. I even found a box of the videotapes in the garage so I can slot something that I can have on in the background. (Most of the books and all of the videotapes are still boxed up, patiently waiting for the day when the new house is finished and they can break free and take over the world.)

I'm finally able to get writing done without interruption. Well, after I get the new installation of Word configured (grrrr!). But, at least, it's nice and quiet. ~sigh~


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