Saturday, July 02, 2005

House and garden... well, in reverse order

Every time I post something about how the garden is doing, I have a sense of "And the garden is doing amazingly!" It just keeps getting prettier and I keep thinking that it couldn't be better than this!… whatever "this" is at the moment. I guess I shall have to accept that it's as good as it's gotten so far and that it's going to keep getting better for another month or two. Here's the latest example:

The fir trees in the back deck have 8-sided planters around them, which we've filled with alternating colors of impatiens.

This is a closer shot of one of the fir trees and the planters full of impatiens.

This barrel's full of marigolds... well, and dahlias and lobelia and other things, too, but lots and lots of marigolds!

Another of the flower barrels on the back deck. This one has a lot of everything in it. If you look closely, you may spot a flower or two from the fuchsia, which is being buried alive by other flowers. I thought the fuchsias would be taller or that the other flowers wouldn't be so vigorous. Next year, the fuchsias are going to go into baskets where they won't be eaten up by the rest of the plants.

The petunias really went to town in this barrel for some reason. The deep purple ones have a high, sweet, clear scent to them.

This barrel has lots of pink petunias in it, too, so here's a shot of the other side of the barrel just to show them off.

The hanging planters are doing well, too! As you can see, there are windchimes everywhere, which make for a pleasant constant chiming.

This is the barrel that you can see most easily from the kitchen. The lobelia and verbena are probably going to end up close to the ground by the end of summer. Scrumptious!
All four of the flower barrels have big healthy dahlias that are sending out masses of orange flowers with red splashes and at least half a dozen other flowers as well. The new house is going to have something like this along the front; it's just too pretty to not do something like this.

The new house is looking good, too. When we stopped in Friday evening, the first floor was getting plywood and the second floor was getting decked in.

The base of the stairs is now in. You can get up the stairs and see the decking. coming down is actually a bit hard as there is nothing to hold on to and the stairs are very thin. It's like walking down a ladder without hanging on to the sides--not a lot of fun.

This shows the music room from the top of the stairs... except it's no longer the music room; it's going to be the sewing room. The piano's going to go into the great room. The upstairs sewing room will still be a sewing room, but it'll allow for things to be spread out a bit and there won't be a lot of walking up and down the stairs (hard on the knees) to get to the sewing room when the mood strikes.

With the second floor deck and the stairs in place, I can now look out from the level that my office window will be at. I can see the city and even the mountains in the distance. Hot damn!


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