Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The garden and most of the cats

I've been talking (well, bragging) about the gardening lately and I wanted to show you a few of the results. These are a couple of the flower barrels on the deck, which turned out pretty darned well, I'd say!

The cats have been really helpful with this process and have conferred on the best layout of the garden during the entire process.

Meanwhile, the cats have been enjoying the relatively brief periods of sunny weather (sidenote: I could-a sworn it was almost summer, yuh know) on the deck.

Willow is impossible to photograph in any kind of sunlight; she radiates too much light and overexposes any pictures I take.

BC is moving slower these days, but he's still the same big sweet cat he's always been.

Yang has been a pest lately, largely because he's such a huge cat. When he's not leaping onto the monitor and knocking it askew, he's plopping around and getting in the way of everything.

Bo is getting to be a big guy but he's lost none of his tendency to be full of energy. His tale is huge and it always looks like a Dr. Seuss character's tail. I keep expecting to see a light bulb hanging from the end of it.


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