Friday, May 27, 2005

Where's Ken Lay?

It occurred to me yesterday that it's been years now and, while we've heard about several smaller Enron fish going to trial, Ken Lay--beloved dear friend of the penny-ante dictator (despite claims by the White House to the contrary)--seems to be living a life of ease and luxury. Must be a coincidence, that; this is a country of laws.

Personally, I'd be glad to put $29.95 down on a pay-per-view event just to see Ken Lay flogged to death by Enron employees and customers who got jacked up by Enron's pricing, with monies collected going to reimburse the same people. That has a certain charm to it and, given the number of folks who might choose to watch, might be financially sound, too. It'd be just, certainly. For an extra $9.95, we could include Ken Lay's worthless trophy wife, who was beating her breast about how hard things were for them now that they only had 7 houses and they underSTOOD the plight of all those poor people. Gawd, it sounds like Immelda Marcos.


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