Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Contradancing... to techno???

Apparently, contradancing is getting a new audience. As this video shows, there's contradancing being done to techno music.

I'm not much for techno music, vastly preferring that fiddle-and-banjo crap, but if people learn contradancing, it's all to the good. (Thanks to Anita Anderson for this link.)


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Delta said...

To be completely accurate, I'd classify that as 90s club music and not techno. If you want to take a trip down Pedantic Lane, http://techno.org/electronic-music-guide/ is a fun place to dabble and learn about the genres and sub-genres.
Also, are you aware of the new wave of Folk-Metal? I recommend Eluveitie as an introduction. They're a Swiss band that sing in Celtic with a hurdy-gurdy and everything. This track isn't too ear-bleedy

Also also, my oso was teasing me about my tendency to dance to dance to anything with a beat. Then we were in Home Despot and he started going "Onntz-Oontz" and I started dancing down the aisle before i knew what I was doing.