Monday, August 16, 2010

"Hallowed Ground" near the WTC

A lot of really unpleasant people have been bitching about the so-called Ground Zero Mosque. But there are a number of things about the bigoted arguments against a mosque near the World Trade Center site that just don't ring true. One of them in particular is the intolerant argument that it's Just Not Right to have a mosque on the site of the WTC.

Now, I can see arguments about why having no religious institutions at all is a good thing--and don't have a lot of problems with that idea--but if you're going to allow one or some, then by definition, you get to have any of them. That's what "Freedom of Religion" is all about. (If you believe that the 2nd Amendment in the Bill of Rights gives you the right to own and carry guns all over the place, it's hypocritical to not believe in the rights stated in the First Amendment.)

Even more interesting, though, is the fact that this place isn't actually on the site. It's a couple blocks away. And this fact brings up something interesting that completely vitiates the toxic waste and idiocy spewed by Sarah Palin (idle thought: does she have any other mode?): this isn't "hallowed ground." How do we know this? Take a look at these photos. If the area a couple blocks away were truly "hallowed," we sure wouldn't be seeing some of the other establishments out there. A house of worship and prayer really beats the snot out of Burger King for overall sanctity as a general rule.

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