Friday, March 26, 2010

Back from the road at long last

I left for SxSW in the wee hours of March 10th and returned from my peregrinations to Austin and Chicago mid-day March 21st.  I celebrated my birthday by reading email, installing software, and sleeping on the couch in my office... but I was home at last!  I did 4 appearances while on the road, got some work done, and was busy busy busy. 

I've been spending this week unpacking stuff, catching up on 2 weeks of email, doing tax paperwork (sorting receipts, which is a huge job), and getting started on the current book.  Life's not dull, that's for sure!  

While on the road, I identified the problems with my laptop being incredibly slow, too: it needs a system reload--after 4 years and lots of software, the system is all clotted up--and even more, I need more RAM.  It seems that the laptop has either 256Mb or 512Mb, so I'm having it pushed to 2GB of RAM, which will certainly speed things up.  (My computer guy may also have a spare laptop hard disk, so I'm going to get a second drive in it for backups and large file storage.) 

On the desktop computer, I've been restoring about a terabyte of information from two 500GB SATA drives that were not damaged by the lightning strike this summer.  I don't have absolutely everything back that was lost, but this is some of the most important stuff, definitely. 

New professional headshots are going to happen this Sunday.  That'll be fun! 


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