Monday, February 15, 2010

My Review of Tunisian Frankincense

Originally submitted at Attar Bazaar

One of the scents presented to the infant Jesus (a.s.) and always found in use during religious ceremonies, because, Frankincense dispels malevolent, evil and distressing psychic forces. Improves memory and cleanses the aura. Ruling planet: Sun.

Nice stuff--not the "original," but nice
By John the Author from Eugene, OR on 2/15/2010
4out of 5
Pros: Sexy, Great Value, Clean & Fresh, Great Smell
Best Uses: Evening Use, Signature Fragrance
Describe Yourself: Natural Style
Fragrance Type: Woody/Earthy, Oriental/Spicy, Powdery
This is a signature fragrance for me. This one's pretty good, but it's not quite what I was trying to find: Tunisian Frankincense about 15 years ago was available in a different form: a much richer, slightly oilier, deeper and somewhat darker smell (many of the same notes as Persian Amber, in fact). It was more exotic than this one. However, this being what's available, it'll do nicely. I'd buy it again if I ran out of this.


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