Thursday, December 24, 2009

The vacation was great!

We had a great time on the 10-day cruise through the Southern Caribbean.  We are home now, a bit tired and definitely tanned.

There's a song that the Flying Karamazovs would sing that I've always liked at this time of year. If it's not obvious in print, the tune is "Sentimental Journey."
We would like to wish you 'Merry Christmas'
But we're not all Christians here.
Hanukkah would raise the same objections.
What's the theme this time of year?

New Year, we might wish you "Happy New Year!"
But it's not the start of Jew Year,
Or of the Chinese....
It's hard as heck to be politically correct.

Have yourselves a really merry Solstice.
For all the others, it's the cause.
Have yourselves a really swinging Solstice.
Ritually sacrifice a Santa Claus!


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