Thursday, November 12, 2009

Been a little while...

I realized that it's been a week and a half since I posted. Part of this has been recovering after yet another hard disk crash (that's 2 major system crashes this summer; I believe that that's quite enough, thank you!) and not having passwords for a bunch of things like the blog, and part of it has been the joy, the thrill, the happiness of being laid off.

How you react to something is frequently a matter of choice and I have the luxury of choosing to be happy about this. I've got savings handy, there's plenty of work in the offing, and I am free! I am enjoying sleeping late and going to the gym as well as cleaning my office out of all kinds of detritus, both former-job-related and just stacked up. I spent some time recycling old manuals (stuff that had already been released) and shredding docs related to things not yet released or otherwise company confidential. I've freed a shocking amount of space: 3-1/2 years of project notebooks does build up, after all. Thank goodness for efficient shredders! I also sent one box of equipment to the company and I'm looking for the last bits for the second box, which should wrap things up.

I also filed for unemployment. That was good. Money shall be coming in in quite adequate quantities until book contracts and other things come in. And I hope to get out to Lane Community College in the next few days to talk to them about placement for a few classes next quarter.

Life's good. Life's very, very good.


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