Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Twitter meets Reality TV....

....or some such conjunction. There's a website that Susan the Wonderchild pointed out to me this morning called (motto: "My life sucks, but I don't give a f***"). It's kinda like bits of Twitterage about doom, gloom, and boom.

The format is you post a short comment about something you've done or that's happened to you, followed by the initials "FML." As I read these, I keep thinking of Bill Engvall's "Heeeeeere's your sign!" Here are a few examples:
  • Today, I gave my 16 year old step daughter and her friends a lecture on respecting other people's privacy. Two hours later, I accidentally walked into her room without knocking. She and her friends were giving each other bikini waxes. Now her friends call me the hypocritical pervert. FML
  • Today, I learned that I have carpal tunnel syndrome. I got it from playing too much World of Warcraft. I got a disease in real life by living in a virtual world. FML
  • Today, I had all four of my wisdom teeth extracted. Under anesthesia I proceeded to tell the dentist my entire sexual and drug history in detail. FML
  • Today, not wanting to be known as a lightweight anymore, I started drinking with some guy friends. After one beer I ended up in bed with one of them who kindly put my bra back on for me after, as I was too sloshed. I'm no longer known as lightweight, but instead, the slutty drunk. FML
It's really rather depressing and frequently sad, but there's at least a measure of schadenfreude that this isn't you, at least.

And it's 8:02, so I need to clock in to work! Y'all have a great day. Or better than these people, anyway.

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