Saturday, May 09, 2009

I'm rubbing off on people....

We were at the mall yesterday, picking up a few additional games for the Wii that we just ~a-hem~ bought Susan the Wonderchild for her birthday this coming Tuesday. On the way in, we spotted a sale on silverware. We've been looking for a new set because my silverware, which I like, is dying: the handles (which are some kind of black composite material) are beginning to fade and chip. Time for something new we buy together.

We looked at a number of sets, none of which grabbed us strongly, but some of which were kinda nice. We didn't get anything, though. We then went to the Game Stop and bought 3 more games for the Wii. (For Susan, you understand!)

This morning, the Babe woke up and said "I had a dream last night that had to have been because we were looking at silverware. I was walking down a road when I saw something. I couldn't quite make it out but when I got right up to it, I saw that it was a fork. There was a fork in the road! I even stopped in the dream just to go 'A fork in the road?!?' And that was all the dream was."

Clearly, my work here is done.... hehehehehehehehehehe


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