Sunday, January 18, 2009

Some just really do just write themselves....

I would've thought that this was right out of the pages of The Onion, but no, you can find this at the American Life League website. The ALL is a Catholic anti-abortion/anti-birth control/anti-just-about-anything-else group that is engaged in spreading as much misinformation and disinformation about abortion and birth control as it can along with assorted other propaganda that falls into the category of "Lying to Preserve the God of Truth."

Normally, I pay little more attention to these folks than I would to a dead possum in the road (i.e., I try not to hit it with the car because it leaves a mess, but don't endanger myself avoiding the impact, either--my, that is an apt metaphor!), but there was no hope of avoiding them this time. You see, these idiots are up in arms over Krispy Kreme using the phrase "freedom of choice" in an ad. That's all of it: someone had the temerity to say "freedom of choice" in a public communication that also mentions Obama and giving away free Krispy Kreme doughnuts, and the American Life League is about to pop their collective spleens in outrage. (And I'd pay money to see that, too.)
One of the best pieces of coverage--which has not been, uh, flattering to the ALL--was this one in the Miami New Times.

I think the only two possible comments I can make are these:

  1. They really "took the cake" with this one.

  2. Einstein said it best: "The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has limits."
Lest you think that I'm just posting this in my blog to mock them, I feel obliged to say that I sent the ALL email, too... because when someone this stupid is down this far, you're really kinda required to kick 'em. So I encouraged them to keep up the good work because I was glad to see them shoot themselves in the foot as much as they liked.

Christ, what morons! If they had half a brain between them, they'd be quarter-wits.


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