Tuesday, December 30, 2008

SpeakerSite.com: a website for professional speakers

There's a new website that I've signed up on, called SpeakerSite.com. It's aimed at professional speakers of all stripes. It's very interesting. I'm enjoying being outside my normal venue. I'd really like to try my hand at more speaking, particularly more well-paid speaking.

I started a SIG within the site for authors, which is about to become the most popular SIG on the whole site. Well, well, well, I tapped into something there!

If you're interested in hanging out online with speakers, sign up. Feel free to ping connect with me when you get there.


1 comment:

Artie Isaac said...

John, you are a community builder!

Thanks for being a part of SpeakerSite. Your Authors Group is a fantastic idea.

All the best in 2009. May we all find happiness as we make it up as we go along!

-- Artie Isaac