Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Catroy was here!

Bernie has discovered how be a sink-cat. I spotted him in the sink this morning, where he obligingly let me take a few photos.
I'm banging away at a lot of things at the moment, and it occurred to me that everything's on the glide path to finish up about the time I start my vacation in a couple weeks. (Yes, I know, I just got back from a vacation in Palo Alto. I'm about to take a much longer one through the end of the year to take care of a bunch of use-it-or-lose-it vacation.) I'm going to catch up on my sleep, for one thing, and I think I'm going to do some computer restructuring and finish cataloging the baseball cards.

Stop bugging me; I'm trying to sleep!
While we were in Palo Alto, I went to Fry's for their Black Friday sale. I picked up a lot of very nice toys, including a DL DVD burner to replace the DVD burner that I've been using for the last couple years. I also got a 1TB hard drive and an external case. I'm looking forward to restructuring at least one workhorse secondary computer that desperately needs a system reload to get rid of the old, mangled Windows 2003 Server. I've also got a stray collection of smaller hard drives in it. Well, we call 'em smaller hard drives these days, but it's still about .75TB of capacity as it is. But I could sure structure it a lot better.

Are you about to turn on the water?
While I'm at all of this, I'm likely to consider updating my #1 computer, CLARISE. A reload of WinXP would be lovely on CLARISE, too, but I'm not sure how much I'm interested in doing all of that: a system reload is a lot of work, no matter what. OTOH, I may end up with an extra 1TB of disk space on an eSATA connection, which means data comes fast fast fast. Temp-tinnnng!!!


De Murr said...

I love the photos of Bernie in the sink. Doesn't it just want to make you crawl into their brains for an hour?

Congratulations on your finds at Fry's. Gary has just bought (on EBay) an Alien Machine. I am not sure where he is going to put it. He has three CPU and a cube server in his office now. I am going to have to get him on his own electrical and cooling source before long!

bozoette said...

You must send those pictures to catsinsinks.com!