Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Men: what a concept!

I was reminded of this by something a lesbian friend of mine said recently.

Every so often, my youngest stepdaughter will start bitching about something particularly stupid the man she's dating will have done. Or, for that matter, she'll ask me to explain what the guy was thinking when he did/said THIS in some situation. I, being a guy, will explain that when her current beau did/said X, he was thinking thus-and-such.

Whereupon, having said all of this, she will look at me and say "That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard!"

"I didn't say it had to make sense or was even bright," I'll reply. "I'm just telling you that that's what he was thinking."

"It's still dumb."

"Yes, it is."

Usually, at this point, she will reef on me about how I'm just not being good to guys (true), that I love dumping all over them about how awful they are (yes, but there's rarely any sport in it), and that I'm a cynical bastard (nolo contendere).

No, no, I say, I'm a guy, I know exactly what the thought pattern is, and looking for higher reasoning in guys that age is invariably a complete waste of time. If she wants to be dating a better class of person, I add, she should be dating women like other people we know, because she's not going to find it where she's looking.

BTW, I usually get an apology within 2-3 weeks and sometimes just a few days when she's checked out my interpretation and discovered I was being charitable even so. I am always happy to say "Told yuh so!"

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