Sunday, October 12, 2008

Follow-up on Ugly Sofas

Okay, I posted the picture a few days ago of the ugly sofa kind of as a one-off, figuring that it was just one of those things that shows up on the net sorta like the picture I found years ago on the (now-defunct) of the explosion of the Hindenburg.

All that being said, I got a lot of email from people who were appropriately repulsed by the sofa. Good, good, good.

But the Internet is an amazing thing. Whenever you think there's just one of something, the Internet proves you wrong. You get turned on by, oh, popping pink balloon elephants, let's say, and you go on the net and lo! there are 5000 other people who get off on the same thing and there are websites and newsgroups and webrings and dating sites aimed at whatever this incredibly niche interest is.

All of this is vamping, really. It appears that there's a website ("No!" gasped the crowd),, that is aimed at just this sort of thing. The website leaves a little to be desired for navigation and layout, but the real focus is the pix of ugly couches.

For sheer horror, I think that the 2008 finalists are a good selection. I'm quite repulsed by the current 4th runner-up, also shown as pic #100, but #77, 67, 63, and 45 are horrible, too. FWIW, I disagree with the idea of a sofa or couch that's been beaten up, stained, or generally abused: some of these could've been good or passable to begin with. No, the ghastly ones are those that are repellent from the instant they roll off the assembly floor, such as #44, 30, 26, and 23.

Dear God Almighty....


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bphuettner said...

Hey, John... be careful here. You've now got TWO posts with ugly couches. Look what happened to John Scalzi - he posted a picture, just once, just for fun, of some bacon taped to his cat. And now, he gets calls from media all the time for comments on cats and on processed pork products. Choose carefully what you want to be known for - you may just become known as "the ugly couch guy".