Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Almost through the month of April!

Let's see:
  • I got the taxes done (and got our refund).
  • I wrote an article for an accounting magazine.
  • I've been turning out lectures for the students every week (which has been about 8 hours/week just to do that).
  • I'm being productive at my yob, getting foundational stuff written on this project I'm on.
  • I've been hitting the gym pretty regularly. Even trying a new arm set that's doing pretty well and adding some bulk.
  • I'm past that cold we've all been getting.
  • My office is even reasonably clean.

My biggest complaint this morning is that I pulled a muscle in my neck yesterday so I'm keeping my head very, very straight so I don't cause myself pain. I should get an ice pack from the freezer in a while and reduce the swelling.

All in all, I'd say "Not bad!"

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