Friday, November 16, 2007

Hey, wanna great job in Iraq doing customer support?

This lapidary little item just came in from David Silva, freelance journalist and incredibly funny writer.

Just came across a job listing for an entry-level position as a help desk operator in Iraq. The job offers a "competitive salary, bonus pay, comprehensive health plan, and a friendly and supportive work environment. Lunch meals provided."

I've been sitting here imagining the kinds of calls I'd get manning a help desk in Iraq.

"Help desk. How may I provide you with excellent service today?"

"Um, hi. I keep getting this error message on my PC... it says there's a device with an unsupported format attached to my USB port. Should I pull the port plug out, or...?"

"I wouldn't advise that at this moment, sir. What kind of operating system are using?"

"Windows Vista."

"No, I definitely wouldn't pull the port plug out at this time. Hey, Bob, we got another Vista IED! Sorry, sir; may I ask how many browsers you currently have open?"
You know, as if support wasn't a hard enough job as it is....

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