Saturday, October 20, 2007

Why you should date a Starbuck's Barista

This came in from Mohammed, our all-time favorite Starbuck's barista.

Why you should date a Starbuck's barista
  • Because we're used to whipped cream.
  • We make everything extra hot.
  • We know how to keep you up in the morning.
  • We won't fall asleep afterwards.
  • We know how to make anyone smile.
  • We initiate conversations.
  • We thank and worship you over and over, even if we know you don't deserve it!
  • Because even if sometimes it may only last 10 seconds, you know it's the best damn shot you've ever had.
  • Nobody grinds like we do.
  • You ALWAYS find mocha, whipped cream, caramel, or some other deliciousness on some part of our body.
  • Give you enough cream so you won't complain.
  • Because we stay fresh for an hour and only need 4 minutes to re-brew.
  • We will always give you stuff that you LOVE to slurp and swallow.
  • No matter how crazy the request, we just say 'yes!'
  • If we don't give it to you like you want it, we'll keep trying until we make you happy.
  • When we're ready to give it to you, we scream for you no matter how many people are in the room.
  • If giving you what you want is too much for one of us to handle, we'll use our star skills and ask someone else to help.
  • We're all cross-trained to work in any position.
  • Free pound a week.
  • Black and khaki would look great on your floor in the morning.
  • We can use both hands to multitask.
  • If you leave dissatisified, we give it to you for free next time.
  • We eliminate the need to do it yourself at home.


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...And a whole latte love! (Good to see a post, kiddo!)