Sunday, July 22, 2007

Finished the last Harry Potter book

It was really an all-in-one-gulp sorta thing. The Babe had, very intelligently, ordered her copy months ago on advance purchase. It showed up today at 10am. She wasn't going to share. I went out and bought my own copy with a Barnes & Noble gift card I'd been saving for something like this that I'd gotten this past Christmas from one of my sisters-in-law. We spent much of the day reading, with only a break for going out to see the latest Harry Potter movie, almost as much for the fact that there was air-conditioning in the theater and ours needs to be poked by a service person on Monday as the movie itself.

We brought our copies of the book along, though, and read them until the lights dimmed. We weren't alone in this: the woman sitting next to us had her copy and was doing the same thing.

We got home, we read. And we read. I went and clambered into a hot bath tub about three hours ago. The water got cold and I added more. I wasn't going to move until I finished it.

I did. It was very satisfying. (The Babe's finishing hers up as we speak; I'd gotten ahead of her when she took a nap this afternoon.) Don't worry; I'm not going to say anything. It'd be like saying "Rosebud was his sled" to someone before they saw the movie, only much, much worse. (There's a classic Peanuts cartoon about that with Lucy and Linus, as a matter of fact.)

But I really do need to add this cartoon from UserFriendly:


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