Thursday, December 21, 2006

"Help, we're being oppressed!"

This cogent little graphic comes from Kooks 'R Us:



Marianne said...

I giggled like a madwoman at your graph.
I have a question...I googled for winter solstice images and found this beautiful piece, you had it up last year on your winter solstice post, is this your creation? It's absolutely beautiful....I used it on my winter solstice post this year...tried to find information...also the first image you had is no longer there.....would loved to have seen it.
you can follow my link to my blogspot if you care to respond.
I read back through some of your posts leading up to last year's midwinter...I have a brother living in Springfield,Oregon...he used to live in Eugene...I lived a spell in Portland...30 something years ago. I loved it, beautiful country.

Anonymous said...

eh? Christians make up 80% of the population?