Friday, December 29, 2006

Hanging Saddam

I'm actually not sure how I feel about hanging Saddam. Oh, I have no doubt that he deserves to be hanged for what they convicted him of and a lot of other things they didn't even try him for, but I'm not entirely convinced we should do it. Like everything else about our involvement over there, this is feeling... hasty. I'd be really curious to find out what the possible ramifications are going to be before we do this. If there's just one thing this administration doesn't grasp--and God knows they don't grasp anything--it's forethought.

The other thing I keep thinking is this: Saddam Hussein was convicted of basically invading part of Iran unlawfully with a cheap excuse, killing people because it suited him, overthrowing the existing government, letting loose his army to terrorize the region, and generally ignoring everyone else's opinion of proper behavior. For which it looks like he's going to be hanged in fairly short order.

Well, gee, thank goodness no-one thinks that our President's done that! Otherwise, we'd have to convict him and hang him for crimes against humanity, too. Quickly.



Anonymous said...

Oh dude, isn't that the truth!

and the ramifications? now there's some scarey shit to think about and no georgew is too much of a shit for brains....forethought indeed.

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gotta love it.

angie Cox said...

Oh too good ..heard an interview with an Iraqui about how it was living under Saddam's regime the other day that was very moving.That said I find hanging barbaric ,lethal injection please.I mostly am against the death penalty but it can be hard to leave some people alive as their followers may try all sorts of escape or ransom acts. I am awed by G.W's inability to speak or string a coherant sentance together ..but then our Tony can talk hell he convinced me he was the leader of The Labour Party ..what a joke that was .Funnily enough the politician with scruples ( Robin Cook) fell off a mountain shortly after resigning over the war ( from his cabinet post). .........slippery ..must have been huh?