Saturday, November 18, 2006

Atholl brose and Thanksgiving

I had forgotten about atholl brose for quite a while. It's been close to 30 years since I last had any. Today, I was telling a friend in England about it while we were discussing scotches and she said "What's that?" and I found a recipe. This stuff is Scottish mother's milk; it goes down smoother and better than anything you've probably ever had.

After almost 30 years since I last had it, I can still remember how good it is. Since Turkey Day's coming up, I'm going to use that as an excuse to make a batch of it. You ought to give it a try as well.



Anonymous said...

OK, John, just where do you get "heather honey." Will clover honey work? And how good of a Scotch should this be?


John Hedtke said...

Clover honey works just fine, as will a number of other types of honey. Fruit honey may add an unexpected off-flavor the first few times, so I would recommend against it.

As for scotch, don't use the good single-malt sipping scotch; a blended scotch whisky is going to be fine for this. Don't use Canadian whisky, as they tend to be too light--you want a bit of heft to the flavor. Anything you'd find flavorful and acceptable in a mixed drink will work well in this.

Graves said...

Hey, you're supposed to mix it with half and half when you're done....yum. Single malt is far too peaty for atholl brose, but a nice blended scotch...maybe a drap or twa o' Drambuie...

Ah, I remember many's the morning staggering out of the tent in search of Duncan and the atholl brose.