Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Moved in, sorta

I had just a moment here in the middle of everything to add a note.

We got all the stuff moved into the new house (save for the storage pod of stuff we'd stored a while back; that can wait until we're a bit settled and we have new cabinets built in the garage for storing things.

The painters are done with all the bedrooms and the bathrooms and they look fabulous! (Yes, photos will be coming.) My office is set up, sorta: the network's up, the printer works, I've got lots of Internet access, and the wireless is working for the time being. I've just bought a router to take care of the network routing in the patch panel (shoulda done that earlier, but I forgot).

The house is really lovely. It's incredibly upscale. I feel like I have to be a better person than I am now just to live in it.

Back to work--got a chapter I want to get out.


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Bozoette said...

Just forget about that "be a better person" nonsense right now. That's so not fun. ;-)