Friday, September 08, 2006

Which scotch do you like?

I'm fond of single malt scotch. Actually, let me say that I'm really fond of single malt scotch. So what good fortune it is that other people in this world are, too. The folks at Whisky Classified have come up with a classification system for scotches. It's based on the characteristics for scotches and the brands of scotches that fall into each of those clusters. You can start by trying scotches in the cluster you're fond of, so if you like Laphroaig, you might also like Caol Ila; if you like Bowmore, you might also like Bruichladdich and Isle of Jura, and so on.

Once you've tried a few in one cluster, you can branch out to other classes. There's a chart that shows how the clusters overlap, so you can refine the flavors you're after.



Trapper said...

I have a bottle that, when bottled, was 15 year old Linkwood was a wedding present. Now we have to decide whether to drink it at some point, or save it and sell it.

John Hedtke said...

While it's a bit of a tough call, I'd say open it and drink it on special occasions.

Whisky School said...

This classification helps but it is also useful to understand (b) the categories (single cask bottling, cask strength, single malt, scotch blend etc) and (c) when a $60 15 year old whisky is a better buy than a $200 30 year old OR $40 12 year old.