Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Quick interim post

I'm in the middle of doing taxes, which, being self-employed, involves vast and annoying quantities of paperwork--every receipt, every check, every expense may go on the Schedule C, after all--so I haven't gotten to the stuff from my 50th birthday party... but I did want to pause and throw a few things on the blog.

One of the things that always happens with doing taxes is the excavation of any stray piles of paper, looking for said financial records. And as part of that, I unearth notes and miscellany. I turned up one fun item with notes from a sermon last fall that I particularly enjoyed. Caroline the minister started by recounting a quote from a newspaper:
Just to set the record straight, the article yesterday should have said "Whistler's Mother," not "Hitler's Mother" There is nothing to be gained in trying to explain how this error occurred.
In the same sermon, according to my notes, she also used a wonderful expression:
We are porcupines of intimacy: motivated but cautious.
We're getting the house ready to sell, which means that we're talking to a storage company that brings storage pods to your house, you fill them, and then they tow them away and keep them in storage until you need them. We'll be able to empty the garage and get a lot of the extraneous stuff out of a couple of rooms to make the house easier to show.

And in the course of everything, there's the eternal question of "Do I/we really need to move this particular item I'm looking at to the new house?" I'm seeing a lot of computer stuff that's not going to need to go anywhere but the church's fall fundraising garage sale.

BC has been very affectionate and rather clingy, but he's in pretty good health and seems very happy.

Well, I'm grabbing a late breakfast and then back to collating checks. It's not completely boring work; I've now got the complete run of Family Guy and so I'm working my way through the entire 4 seasons one episode at a time: tacky but deeply mutant fun.


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