Monday, March 06, 2006

Misc cat photos

BC has been acting rather old-mannish lately, which is a bit distressing. I mean, he is an old man at this point, being almost 14, but he's been pretty snuggly and not very adventurous. However, he does show signs of liveliness every so often and I can once again hear the sounds of his claws scrabbling on the hardwood floor as he scampers off, a sound I love.

I heard a funny banging noise, not very loud at all, in the office the other day. It turned out that BC was banging the wooden slats with his head while he was looking out. Silly cat.


Yang and Bo continue to take up large amounts of space. Yang has been largely removed from the monitor permanently, so he's been living on the desk off to one side. Bo has been getting up there with him and curling up next to him, which Yang will respond to occasionally, mostly by using Bo as a footstool.


Shortly after this photo was taken, by the way, Bo got up and started biting Yang's foot. Yang responded by standing up and doing a slow-motion swat at Bo, then leapt off the desk and went elsewhere. Bo followed, and lo! there was peace on the desk once again.


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