Saturday, February 18, 2006

Sattidee at last!

I turned in the draft of the article I'd been working on this week (which had to go in two days early for a meeting--I am a tree; I can bend).  I've got another interview they'd like me to do for it, which sounds fun: someone in a PNW Department of Corrections who's going to talk about thin clients versus desktop computers, which will be interesting.  30 seconds to breathe and then I start the next article.  :)  Nice having work on the desk. 

Actually, we're going to go bowling today, too: the Babe's new bowling ball is likely to be done by now, which'd be really nice.  Might even do that right after breakfast and beat the Saturday rush. 

BC is sitting right next to me, periodically putting his head down and bumping my left hand while I'm typing.  It's very sweet and all, but it's annoying, too.  His fur's growing back on his side, too.  I noticed this morning that he's actually rather thickly furred now, but it's all dark undercoat, which is black, and the cinnamon-colored top layer hasn't regrown yet.  (So thaaaat's how he does that! <G>)

Breakfast is in the offing.  And bowling, of course. 


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