Saturday, February 11, 2006

The new house news, bowling balls, and the neat quote du jour

It's Saturday afternoon.  I went out to a event last night--playing Texas Hold'em with other local folks.  We'll be doing some other things locally as time permits so we can keep expanding our social circle here in Eugene. 

The Babe and I went out for a little bit this morning.  We had heard that the stairs were going in on the "Kingsley" style house (that's the one we're getting) in the other lot, so we could see what upstairs looked like.  There were workers there, so we couldn't go in, but we were able to see on a drive-by that the stairs weren't finished: only the sides with the notches for the risers had been placed at this point.  It'll doubtless be in later today or very shortly thereafter, so we'll see the upstairs soon enough.

The dormer's also been put on the front of the house (where my office is going to go).  I was a little apprehensive of the deep slant to the room's wall (which is up against the pitch of the roof there), but the Babe reminded me that the floor area on my office is 10' x 20', so I should have enough room.  I can put the couch there against the window as one possibility--that'd be nice.  It may make putting the treadmill in the office a bit problematic, but we'll see.  I can almost certainly put the exercycle there so I can do the thing I used to do of exercycling while working on the computer (which is tres geeky, but really fun). 

Groundbreaking on our house should be happening shortly, the builder says.  You'll be seeing lots o' pix when this happens, you can count on it. 

After driving by the house, we went over to the bowling alley.  I'd gotten two bowling balls through Freecycle, one for Susan and one for the Babe.  We'd dropped them off last week to have the one for Susan engraved with her name ("Sooz") and the ball for the Babe plugged and patched (there were a few dings) and then drilled for her hand.  We got to watch today while Forrest, the proprietor, engraved her name and then rubbed it with white wax crayon to make the letters stand out.  We then looked at the other ball for the Babe, a nice 12-pounder with a blue sparkly finish.  The big ding had been plugged, bless 'im, but there was still a small ding in the ball.  It wasn't worth patching, Forrest said, as it was going to be on the side where it wouldn't affect the rolling at all for a right-handed bowler, but it did spoil the look having the ding in it and the Babe looked disappointed.  "Not to worry," I said, "I'll be glad to take this ball and we'll get you another one."  "Yes," Forrest said, "we could plug and patch every little ding but a new ball only costs $62 so you'd spend more than a new ball fairly quickly."  Our ears perked up: only $62 for a new ball?  Which balls were $62, we asked?  Apparently, a whole row of very colorful balls on the counter.  Well, heyyyyyyyyyy! 

"You want a new ball, sweetie?"  The Babe had never had a new bowling ball and we looked over the ones out there.  Forrest said there were more balls, too, and showed us several selections in the catalogs.  He also showed us the more expensive balls and gave us a quick course on how bowling balls work with the different finishes on them.  (All this while dealing with a very busy Saturday mid-day crowd.)  After some selection, the Babe selected a nice swirly "Magenta Sky" 12-pound ball from Columbia in their White Dot line, like this one:

Magenta Sky bowling ball from Columbia

Well, I like the blue sparkly ball okay, but Forrest asked if it was heavy enough for me, pointing out that you want to use the heaviest ball you're comfortable with, as you're hitting 36 pounds of pins.  I don't know if that's heavy enough but I was feeling a bit disappointed, as I was going to be spending more than half the price of a new ball on a used ball.  Not to worry, Forrest said, if I wanted to buy a new ball, he'd charge me only $10 for the plugging they'd done so far and then we'd be square.  Hey, now, that's something!  So I told him to hang on to the ball (which we'd measured me for at that point) and then the next time I came in, I'd try out different weights (he recommends a 14- or 15-pound ball) and see if I wanted something heavier.  I may well be able to handle a 14-pound ball okay, and if so, I'll buy a new ball for me, too.  MY problem is figuring out what color to get.  At that price, I'm partial to another of the Columbia's that we saw in the catalog, the "Blue Pearl."

Columbia White Dot "Blue Pearl" bowling ball

Having said that, I'm not completely sold on the color of this one.  And Forrest points out that you should really like the color of the ball you're using.  (I agree with that--why buy a ball you don't like, after all?)  The bowling ball that I'm leaning towards is a little more expensive, but much more colorful and it's something I like a lot more:

Columbia Scout Reactive Blue/Gold Pearl

I'm going to think about it and, in the meantime, I'll try out different weights to see what I want to get. 

Finally, here's a lovely quote that I ran into:
I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us with sense, reason, and intellect has intended us to forgo their use. ~ Galileo Galilei


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