Saturday, July 16, 2005

The latest house and cat nooze

The house is beginning to take meaningful shape and form in today's complex society… which is to say that the second floor's largely in shape and we're beginning to see the front of things. The thing we're going to be seeing very soon is the windows going in. I think that's going to make a big difference to how "finished" the house is looking,

There's a fair amount of room upstairs. Here's my office looking through the upstairs sewing room to Susan's room.

When we stopped in at the house the other day, there was a stiff wind. Mind you, there was a lot of wind all over Eugene, but I think that it was pretty noticeable at the house site, largely because we're up on a hill and the wind was blowing up.

I think it'll be nice to have this kind of wind generally speaking, as I like the spring and fall weather blowing in through the office and all I'm going to have to do is open my office window and then poof! the papers are going to be flying everywhere. The disadvantage to all of this, of course, is that if there's ever a wildfire anywhere within a mile north of us, the prevailing winds are going to suck the fire riiiiight up the hill and poof! again, although an entirely different and less pleasant kind of poof! it'll be.

The view doesn't change a lot (upstairs or downstairs), but it's always wonderful.

There are things happening downstairs, certainly: there's more stuff going on with the framing here and there.

The stairs are extra wide, about four feet rather than the standard three feet. It's set up to allow for the possibility of a stair elevator years from now, with extra support and wiring and so on. (They call this "aging in place," a phrase I'm getting inured to.)

We're still discussing if the area designated on the basic plans as "Office" is going to be a music room (our original intention) or the primary sewing room. I don't mind if there's a primary sewing room downstairs and a secondary sewing room upstairs, but we're deciding what we're going to put where and how. The upstairs hall linen closet is going to be set up for sewing fabric and I like that a lot: there'll be enough room for aaaaaaaaall the fabric and semi-finished quilts. A place for everything and everything still spread out over several rooms… no, no, not at all, it'll all be clean and neat and put away.

Our bedroom is still framed for a sliding glass door slot, but they'll be fixing it soon.

And, because it's de rigeur, here are some cat photos. BC continues to be a sweet, wonderful cat. Note: I have, in the last couple weeks since I took this picture, cleared off the desk and there are no longer vast piles of paper and debris (and cat hair; when I cleaned up, I found enough cat hair to build another cat).

BC actually tends to sleep on top of the monitor when he can. He prefers the back of the monitor, which sorta works out, because Yang sleeps on the front of the monitor. This is not as workable as it might seem, though: when Yang is up there first, there's no way for BC to leap up on the monitor and settle in on the back. Yang is just too big and sprawly. Secondly, when they're both there, the additional 32 pounds of cat on top of the monitor push the back of the monitor down and the front of the monitor goes up… which is no good if you're actually trying to use the monitor for its intended purpose of displaying stuff on the computer rather than its secondary purpose of Heating Cat Tummies.

I also got a snapshot of Bo the other evening. Bo is normally a difficult cat to get a picture of because you usually need strobe lights and a fast shutter speed. However, this time, he was asleep and being disturbingly cute.


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