Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Wednesday am

Got awakened at 5:00am by someone repeatedly trying to get the Hult Center (which has a phone number one digit off of my office line). Bleah. I unplugged the phone after the third try--they'd phone and it'd ring about 1-1/2 times and then they'd hang up--but it was too late; I was awake.

Got up, hacked through the 3000+ emails that came in last night thanks to the current incidence of the Sober email virus on the net and built my to-do list for the day.

My new business cards are happening although, alas, not on glossy paper as I'd hoped--they didn't bother asking me before they printed and they just romped off with a high-quality non-glossy paper. Well, I am hoping it all turns out well. Should be able to pick 'em up this afternoon.

Selecting windows and doors and knobs for the new house later today.

A new hard disk came in with a nifty USB housing, so I have a quick-and-dirty USB external disk. I like that a lot. I'm inhaling tons of files from various places on the system so I'll finally have a good backup of them... as well as being able to finally put 'em all in one place and one time and sort them into their right folders. Might find a buncha dupes to clean out, too--the eternal problem of multiple files in multiple locations.

I'm going to run over to the dry cleaner and the drug store. The day's rolling!


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