Tuesday, May 31, 2005

It's late at night

"It's too haaaaaaaaaht!" he whined. Actually, it's still too darned warm for me. Shoot, if I wanted it to be hot, I'd still be living in Tucson. I like it about 67 most of the time. Not a lot of sun is okay with me, generally, although I still have hopes of growing Crenshaw melons this year, which do require all the sun they can get.

I'm probably going to have a non-alcoholic drink of something, like a Diet Squirt, and go to bed. Bleah.

I like having married into a big family that gets along pretty well. My family tends to get along pretty well these days, too, but I like seeing a whole family that has always gotten along pretty well. And they're nice people to know and be part of, too. I really like that.


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